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Our Purpose


B2B Localization agency specialized in the Cleantech Industry.


LuxuriousTranslate, the First Localization Agency for Cleantech Companies:

Welcome to LuxuriousTranslate. The first B2B localization agency specialized in the European Cleantech industry. 

Our aim? Help European Cleantech startups increase their impact abroad by connecting to the French market, its norms and consumers.

The idea behind this is to be able to present companies with solutions to better connect with local consumers by localizing their website, creating content in French and adapting their strategy to the local market.

Build your Brand Image Abroad:​​

Increase your brand's impact abroad by localizing to your target markets individually. By adapting your marketing content and strategy to your target audiences abroad, you seize the opportunity to deeper connect with them.

By building stronger connections with your foreign target customers, you build stronger trust, along with a stronger brand image. The localization process includes different services: translation, cultural, marketing, and strategic adaptation. 


The purpose behind these offers: to increase your company's activities abroad by facilitating your communication with local suppliers, regulators, consumers and more importantly, customers. 

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Quality & Simplicity:

At LuxuriousTranslate, our goal is to deliver the highest quality localization services, combining simplicity with an easy submission process that allows you to focus on what matters most to your business.

Submit the content that needs to be localized, give us the details required to the alignment of our work with your expectations, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Once again, the aim behind this is to make the process as simple as possible for you and hassle-free. Send us the work and focus on your business' sucess.

Human Expertise and Artificial Intelligence:

At the head of each project, is me, Eric, LuxuriousTranslate’s founder. Enthusiastic entrepreneur with bilingual skills both in French and English, I’ll be the one ensuring the quality and accuracy of your work.


My aim is to ensure the efficiency of the workflow and the precision of the work. I'll be the one taking care of parts of the process such as design, marketing materials, and the final output.

The agency guarantees a communicative process, keeping in touch with you throughout the localization process and giving you regular updates on its advancement, depending on the time it takes to complete your project.

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Increase your Brand's Impact in France:

Grow your brand's impact in France by localizing to the French market and connecting to its local consumers. Cleantech has never been such a high priority for governments and policy makers. As time goes by, they are increasingly investing in the development of new, innovative, and clean solutions.

This is the time for your brand to increase its global impact by connecting to target customers abroad. By localizing to each one your target markets, adapting to their cultures and consumers, you'll be able to boost your brand's reach and impact society.


Enable your brand to participate to our world's ecological transition. Localize your brand.

France in the Short-term, Europe in the Longer term:

Currently, our agency aims to connect businesses to the French market by adapting to its dynamics. However, in the long term, we aim to offer this service throughout Europe.


By doing so, we intend to help businesses market, promote, and democratize their innovations in each individual European country, therefore sensitizing consumers and accelerating our continent's ecological transition. Let's Interconnect Europe.

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Grow your Impact. Localize your Strategy.

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