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Partner Identification

Use local partnerships to leverage growth. Localize
your partnerships.

Localize Your Partner Network to Boost your Activity in France.

In the times we live in, we must now focus our activities on sustainability. A way to do so is by increasing the efficiency of our businesses' operations; through collaboration and coordination. Don't content yourself of expanding your business to France; Localize your partner network too!

By working with us, tell us what kind of partners you're looking for,  we'll identify them, and reach out to them to connect your businesses! Get into contact with various actors of the French Cleantech industry. Get local raw materials for your business, increase your company's collaborations and build credibility on the French market!

Connect with Local Businesses & Build Credibility


Forge your company's success in France by connecting to local partners and actors within the country.


Increase your brand's impact by collaborating and coordinating your business with local French actors.


Boost your brand image, activity and impact by acting locally and solidifying your presence in the area.

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No payments are included in this part of the process.

The aim here is for us to evaluate your work, its complexity, and the time it'll take to get it done.

The second aim of this section is to book a call with you at the time that suits you best, so we can introduce ourselves, talk about your company's vision, goals, and disclose the price. 
It will then be up to you to choose whether or not you decide to work with us. 

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